Our Markets

We target the livestock farming market,
farmers and biogas developers.


Our goal is to make livestock waste treatment possible and profitable anywhere to enable farmers to keep operating in a safe and sustainable environment that respects increasingly strict regulations.

Our main focus is on two farm types:
Medium-sized farms in Europe that range from 500 to 1500 cattle or around 30,000 pigs.
Large to extra-large farms in Europe and the US that have over 1500 cattle or over 30,000 pigs.

We offer an end-to-end economically feasible, carbon neutral circular economy solution:
Main product: Biogas or Biomethane production with the highest methane (65%) quality today
Co- product: Digestate treatment, a full custom-made solution for digestate conversion into Solid inorganic fertilizer
By-product: Treated water for reuse mainly for irrigation and fertigation