Bringing the next generation of
biogas and nutrient-recovery solutions

Fueling a Zero Carbon Future

Our mission is to become a global renewable energy leader by treating digestate and enabling the most efficient, eco-friendly and profitable production of biogas from livestock waste.

Research and Development Capabilities


SGTECH is partnering with multiple well-known universities in the EU to conduct additional research and development experimentation. SGTECH remains the sole owner of all IP generated from these endeavors.


SGTECH operates an in-house laboratory with a lab-scale reactor in addition to its pilot-scale facility. This enables SGTECH to conduct extensive R&D to further validate and innovate the IES process.

Always Innovating

SGTECH is committed to the continued innovation of its product offering, and aims to apply for additional patents on the IES process in the coming years.

Our Team

Our team has significant experience in R&D, engineering and biochemistry.

  • Shimshon Horn Co-Founder & CEO
    Shimshon Horn Co-Founder & CEO

    Shimshon has more than 25 years of proven track record as an executive director in the Israeli high-tech industry, with a wealth of experience in corporate finance, company turnover and business development. Shimshon was appointed by the court as an exclusive trustee for companies in insolvency proceedings, companies in a stay of proceedings, processes of corporate recovery, and creditors' arrangements. Shimshon served as CFO of the major division at Comverse, a multinational communications company. Since 2014, he has led SGTECH’s development, with a mission to deploy an eco-friendly and profitable solution for biogas production from livestock manure.

  • Gal Levin Co-Founder & CTO
    Gal Levin Co-Founder & CTO

    Gal is an expert in environmental, health and safety management. His focus is on reliably and risk analysis, safety plan performance, methodology of testing and evaluation through R&D, compliance with local and international regulation, and continual Improvement and optimization in system development. Gal's vast experience in waste-water engineering has led him to create and develop the innovative IES technology for SGTECH.

  • Marat Voldman COO
    Marat Voldman COO

    Marat is an experienced chief operation officer with a demonstrated history of working in the renewable energy and infrastructure industries for more than 15 years. Marat is a strong information-technology professional with expertise in management, product development, process control, and energy and mechanical engineering.

  • Dr. Keren Tadmor Head of Microbiome Department
    Dr. Keren Tadmor Head of Microbiome Department

    Keren has been a senior microbiologist at SGTECH since 2018. She previously served as a senior microbiologist and technical project manager in the biotech industry. She holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Microbiology and an M.Sc. in Biochemistry from Tel Aviv University.

  • Maya Gonik Levy Business Development
    Maya Gonik Levy Business Development

    Maya is a business developer with extensive experience in growth strategy, creating business collaborations, marketing communications strategy, and branding. She leads innovation processes while building and executing business plans, and has a proven track record in capital raising and successfully submitting global grant applications.