Solving the

Applying process re-engineering, microbiome management and AI to waste treatment and nutrient recovery.

SGTECH’s Innovative Technology for
Biogas Production and Nutrient Recovery

The combination of Integrated Ecosystem Solution (IES), precision Microbiome management and AI, aims to redefine the standard in anaerobic digestion (AD) processes known today.

The technology addresses the full picture of waste treatment while avoiding the need for post-processing treatment of digestate. Our algorithmic approach to organic waste digestion enables nutrient removal and recovery and yields biogas with increased methane concentrations, solid organic fertilizer, and  water for agricultural reuse.

Our Core Technology

“Process and Facility for the Treatment of Livestock Waste”
has been granted worldwide, and we have several additional patents in provisional stage.

Integrated Ecosystem Solution (IES)

Our Algorithm for Change

Our algorithms create customized biogas plants that meet the technical and regulatory needs of each country.
We retrofit biogas plants through AI, so that plants can finally go back to activity, or work with partners to build new plants. We continually manage and track the waste treatment process for optimal stability and efficiency, converting it to valuable fertilizer and efficient renewable energy.