Integrated Ecosystem Solution (IES)

SGTech’s innovative solution for Nutrient Recovery and Biogas production – the Integrated Ecosystem Solution (IES) – aims to redefine the standard in Anaerobic Digestion (AD) processes known today.

The technology addresses the full picture of waste treatment while avoiding the need for post-processing treatment of digestate.

Our algorithmic approach to organic waste digestion enables nutrient removal and recovery and yields biogas with increased methane concentrations, safe solid fertilizer, and clean water.

Process Overview

The IES process uses roughly 50% shorter retention times than conventional AD methods.

Clean Biogas

Key Technological Results

  • Average biogas methane concentration of 65% using only raw manure and cattle slurry.
  • Over 90% reduction of nitrogen in system effluent.
  • Over 70% reduction of phosphorus in system effluent.
  • Treated water for sewage discharge or safe irrigation use.


  • Greater Environmental Benefits than Traditional AD
    In addition to reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions and odor, the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from the waste stream prevents nutrient leaching and runoff in agricultural soils.
  • Cost Effective
    Enhanced methane production, minimized waste nutrient loads, and no manure transportation costs contribute to a cost-effective solution for even small to midsized dairies.

Intellectual Property (IP)

SGTech is the sole owner of the technologies covered in a number of International PCT applications and national patent applications in Israel, the US, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Europe , China, India, and Australia . Patents protecting SGTech technologies have already been granted in Australia, China, Israel, and the US.