The Next Generation of Biogas Production and Waste Treatment

Redefining How the World Views Livestock Waste

Sustainable Green Technologies (SGTech) is a pioneering Israeli startup developing innovative technologies focused on waste treatment, clean energy, and nutrient recovery.

SGTech’s patented Integrated Ecosystem Solution (IES) is the only complete solution for the treatment of livestock waste – one that produces clean energy, clean water, and a nutrient-rich organic compost.

Making Green Energy

Clean Energy

The IES process produces clean biogas, reducing GHG emissions and boosting distributed renewable energy production.

Clean Water

The IES process biologically removes pollutants and pathogens from the waste stream, resulting in clean treated water for endless reuse.

Organic Compost

The IES process removes nutrients from the waste stream and stores them in a safe, solid form for sustainable agricultural use.

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